Blanket Cadillac

Eight thousand two hundred thirty bed nights …….that’s the number of homeless people that had a safe, clean shelter, two meals and a laundry service last year at New Hope Center.

Did you know that between Grand Traverse and Wexford counties there are more than thirteen hundred homeless people?

The need is great…and you can help.

Donate your gently used or new warm clothing and bedding at any of our Hot Country 96.7 The BULL partners….and you will be making a difference to the homeless in our communities.

And, New Hope Center is opening a brand new facility to address the expanding need …. So your help with bedding, beds and more is even more necessary!

Go to to see the list of items….or donate your blankets, bedding or clothing at the following locations.

  • Mercantile Bank, on Boon Road and downtown Cadillac
  • Sara Esiline Farmers Insurance on Mitchell across from Speedway
  • Brinks Art and Frame Shop, downtown Cadillac
  • Brite N Clean, across for the old State Police Post in Cadillac!


Blanket Cadillac….from Hot Country ninety six seven The BULL!